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Politicians are the source of all the bad shit going on, human nature aside, change them and let your mandate be known to their replacements, Do our will or else. xenophobes and fascists have big mouths.
The only people we need to fear are in Washington D. C.

Fight fire with fire.
We can play the fear game too.

Fear us Congress - Election is in 18 months




How to Beat an Incumbent





Click and Call or lay down by default
It takes 5 minutes a day and you'll feel better.
These people aren't our friends
nor do they give us orders.
We tell them what to do.
This is what I'm saying to mine
in both email and voicemail
it's simple:


It was really easier than I thought it would be. You'll probably get voicemail, so prepare what you'll say and don't forget email.

I said, "Regardless of how you vote: if this GOP Wealthcare debacle passes I will vote for someone else next time and here's why: You weren't vocal enough. Use your position to get on local TV news and in the newspapers to oppose this. Hold town meetings and call the TV news to be there. Use your mailing list and the postage we pay for to announce the meetings"

Here's something else I say to my 'reps':
Influence other Congress members to stop Ryan/Trumpcare. Single Payer now! We are the only big 8 country without it.
I'll be watching and will post your vote on my Facebook and on (use whatever)
I'm vocal and have been published more than once in local papers letters columns. It's all about numbers.


Feel free to copy and use anything on this page


That's what the word 'REPRESENTATIVE' Means.
The only thing they fear more than losing contributions from lobbyists
is losing votes and a vocal movement scares the shit out of them.

They need your vote. Tell them your wishes and if they don't vote on those issues accordingly, tell them next election they can count on you voting for someone else. I mean have the balls to say it out loud to their faces. They work FOR you. Remind them.
Simple. It works. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Sick and tired of  senseless 'wars' and dead, burned children? Tired of Muslims and Hispanics used to fuel ignorant hatred? Tired of good parents being deported for stupid shit like DUI? Tired of global warming as Trump not only denys it but increases polution by more deregulation?
Tired of letting the least informed, but most vocal push congress' buttons and influence how they vote?
Pick up the phone!

Tell your representatives what you want and that:

This website isn't telling you what to think.
Only to think and more importantly - ACT
Phone, email, protests, rallies.

Get informed. Get active. Pickup the phone, Everyday.

Fight Back.
Don't just lay down.


George Carlin on Politicians.

Don't let the children watch.
Maybe they


Click this line to Find out who answers to you, your representatives in government and their contact info.They need your vote. Tell them your wishes and if they don't vote on those issue accordingly. Next election they can count on you voting for someone else. Simple.



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I'll add sources for organizing
Dates and locations of events
Politician track records
Upcoming congressional bills
Politicians up for election

The time to motivate a politician is long before the election I think.

You could help out by send us info.
Post what you know HERE
Opinions welcome




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Any Fool can wave the flag.
Here's a clip from an article in Psychology Today:

"It’s been called the last refuge of scoundrels. It is undeniably linked to “us-against-them” tribal impulses, rooted in emotion and often impervious to reason. It feeds nationalism and militarism, making it a potentially dangerous phenomenon in a world of modern weaponry. Yet patriotism—outward, vocal, and enthusiastic patriotism—is still considered a vital element in American politics, an aspect of our culture that we not only tolerate but encourage.

To many humanists, this is worth rethinking."

For the full article, click here.



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It doesn’t matter what you believe. If you're Republican, Democrat, what race, religion, gender or not. Get down to non-partisan ISSUES. Healthcare, Medicare, medicaid, employment, war, whatever the issue. Push it. Call your representatives.

To me, that's a big part of the American concept.    Everyone's right to speak and be heard.    Naive?


Encyclopædia Britannica on  
Extreme nationalism

Call       Call
Subliminal Call Call
get involved   meet cool people  



A quote from

Ultimate Goal:

To restore true, representative democracy in the United States by pressuring our State Legislators to pass a much needed Free and Fair Elections Amendment to our Constitution. There are only 2 ways to amend our Constitution: (1) Go through Congress (single digit approval rating) or (2) Go through our State Legislators via an amendment proposing convention. 

Wolf-PAC believes that we can no longer count on our Federal Government to do what is in the best interest of the American people due to the unfettered amount of money they receive from outside organizations to fund their campaigns. We point to the failure of the Disclose Act as rock solid evidence that this would be a total waste of our time, effort, and money. We also point to the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to not even hear a case filed by Montana claiming it did not have to abide by Citizens United, as proof that state legislation is not a sufficient measure to solve this problem.  We believe that we have no choice but to put an amendment in the hands of our State Legislators, who are not, at this moment in time, completely blinded by the influence of money, and might actually do what 96% of the country wants - take away the massive influence that money has over our political process.  





Think little ol' you don't matter?
Click the candles please.
After all, I reached you.


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